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Travis! What's up? It's been a looong time my friend. I miss you guys in upstate. How many years has it been....15 or so. Obviously I'm out of the USN. I'm a cop in California. Send me a ring! Tom
Tom Maguire <>
- Wednesday, September 15, 2004 at 09:52:22 (EDT)
- Monday, September 06, 2004 at 13:57:03 (EDT)
Congrats to Travis for making the Metroland 'Best of 2004 Issue' as having the 'Best Jukebox' in the Capital Region. D'uh, like we didn't know that one. Enjoy your mid-life crisis as we in Northern VT prepare for this weekend's Phish invasion. 110k people a mile from my house. And I thought Traver's weekend was bad!
Bones <>
- Monday, August 09, 2004 at 16:29:59 (EDT)
Sorry to have missed you Bob. I was in Boston. I'm sort of indulging a mid-life crisis, and have been traveling on the Dead tour. Been to Michigan, Ohio, Boston and SPAC so far. Had a backstage pass last night at SPAC and got to watch the show from stage right!!!!!!! Hartford, Scranton, Philly, and Jones Beach on Long Island coming up. I'll be back to take on the tourists full time as of 8/15 with part time duty in between shows. Stop in again this Friday and we'll do some shots!!
Travis <>
- Monday, August 02, 2004 at 17:28:02 (EDT)
Travis, I was there on Saturday night. Where were you?
Bob Carlton
- Monday, August 02, 2004 at 13:49:32 (EDT)
Travis, I'm so sorry I haven't been in for a drink in awhile. The only excuse I have is I suck.
Bob Carlton
- Friday, July 23, 2004 at 15:41:30 (EDT)
I love your sex starved bartender with twisted fingers and mind
- Saturday, July 17, 2004 at 17:56:23 (EDT)
The summer air is getting closer. I'll have a gin and tonic.
Bob <BCarlton727@Yahoo.Com>
- Thursday, May 06, 2004 at 10:43:45 (EDT)
Nixon, Noxin, Dioxin, Toxin. There, I said it. And no way, and goodbye.
Sneed Urn <>
- Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 00:50:57 (EDT)
Howdy all, For any of you people signed onto Friendster...there's a new DesperateAnnies account. If you'd like to latch on as a friend of the bar, the e-mail address is: send invites there and I'll click you in amongst all the other silly friends already signed on.
Travis <>
- Tuesday, February 24, 2004 at 19:32:27 (EST)
- Tuesday, February 03, 2004 at 14:04:41 (EST)
Hi, Is Rock still alive? Tell him to contact me.
Mike G <>
- Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 21:52:43 (EST)
Travis, Amy and I just wanted to thank you for a great New Years Eve celebration. Thanks for everything. You rock!!!
Bob <>
- Thursday, January 15, 2004 at 15:59:28 (EST)
Thanks for the party Travis. As always, a stunning success.
JB & April
- Friday, January 02, 2004 at 18:18:51 (EST)
I think I speak for one or two of the attendees in saying that this year's big bash was a '10' on the party meter. Thanks again Travis, you outdid youself!! Post pics so I can remember what (or who) I did.
Bones <>
- Friday, January 02, 2004 at 16:09:37 (EST)
Yummy new jukebox is callin' my name....
- Friday, November 21, 2003 at 14:51:45 (EST)
Unk-alunk-a-lunk. Bunka-dooa-ck-ck-a-wop. In English means I'll be in togatown the weekend after Turkey-day. See all of you then.
- Tuesday, November 04, 2003 at 22:36:36 (EST)
TARVELOUS:: Dude. Those pictures are from Feb/NEW YEAR's! Has nothing happened since?? I know that's not the truth. Brad is bored of them already! [though i think it makes him happy to know he and ian are still up. some things you can always rely on.] So why don't you stick around long enough to take a few snaps... or freshen up the website. Enough of being critical! Hope to see my chums that have moved to points south sooner than later. Life in Stinktown can be lonely sometimes. LOVE--
- Monday, November 03, 2003 at 10:50:23 (EST)
dear uncle Mort, (those with a 22 month history with Travis knows he goes by the name Mort!). Anyway, I love to see our pictures on your site. Put more of me up there! I'm cuter than anyone else on this site. Love you, Mia XXOO
mia kreiss <>
- Friday, October 03, 2003 at 13:55:04 (EDT)
Well the rain came and went and all I received was a rash of facial scratches from two felines who tried to climb me as the lightning lit up the sky. I never did ask you people how the "Great Blackout of 2003" effected all of you. Hope all is well in 'Toga-towne'
The token minority
- Saturday, September 27, 2003 at 04:50:08 (EDT)
So are you guys going to come down here and fish me outta the drink when this state receives it's wonderful tropical deluge? I must say Raleigh has a ton more women, but I'd gladly trade them all for a bar scene like the one I left behind. Hopefully 2-3 more years of stock piling dinero and I'll be back up north, once the nano/bio-tech park opens up at exit 12. What's this FREE Beefy movement? Sounds like he needs a laxative. Tell him to ask Johnny-he has Metamucil.
- Monday, September 15, 2003 at 05:09:28 (EDT)
There is life after Saratoga--get out while you still can! Be a beach bumming surfer-dude waiting out Isabel, in love for 7 insanely happy years-shooting for 50- with Judi-my MN girl-met there in '89. Life is beautiful, true love beats all, eat your hearts out. Johny and June Carter Cash RIP-
Brian Cross <imighttellyalater@ifiremember>
- Monday, September 15, 2003 at 01:14:24 (EDT)
I have been waiting for a sling shot launched frog to land for about 30 years, but I guess it will never show up!! What about you M. TRAVIS? Are you going to land in the WORLD of TRAVIS M. On September 13, 2003? YOU KNOW WHO. WITH MUCH LOVE.
Howard Mager <>
- Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 19:52:35 (EDT)
Travis, who is this Baumgarten or Baumgartner guy or whatever and why does he call you TARV? Does he know something that we don't? Does is stand for something? Is this how you spell your name when intoxicated?
Bob Carlton <>
- Monday, August 25, 2003 at 15:18:38 (EDT)
yo Travis- Me and some of the old crowd will be in to visit you sun/mon( labor day and the day before) we'll be comoing back from the finger lakes fresh from Anna Suttons Wedding!!! Hope all is well, Lena-ps, i'll bug her about that elvis bust
Lena <>
- Friday, August 22, 2003 at 14:38:32 (EDT)
Yo Travis! Looks like your Met's needed Piazza.
Bob Carlton <>
- Saturday, August 16, 2003 at 14:32:42 (EDT)
- Wednesday, August 06, 2003 at 06:42:17 (EDT)
why no website updates
frustrated customer
- Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 01:37:59 (EDT)
Greetings from Bermuda. Kind of like Saratoga, but in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Travis, you'd like it here--think DA's II. Drop a line if you're in the neighborhood.
Yuk <>
- Tuesday, July 01, 2003 at 10:10:13 (EDT)
Hey Brian! Remember Sue, Sue, and Laurie? Well this is Laurie! How the hell are ya! I can't believe I stumbled across your post on the bathroom wall at D.A.'s! Where are you now and what are you up to? Still got the ponytail? Can you believe it was so long ago. Sometimes I really miss living in 'toga. I've been back to the bar a couple of times but I began to feel really old! Still It wouldn't be a trip to 'toga without a stop into D.A's to see Travis and the gang. Laurie
Laurie <>
- Monday, June 30, 2003 at 00:17:05 (EDT)
Hey guys...I'm at work looking at porn but I'd rather sitting at the bar having a nice cold beer.
Bob Carlton <>
- Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 15:25:07 (EDT)

Well here I am in lovely Raleigh, NC. Where it's hot and humid. How are things up in the great white North East. Work is interesting to say the least. Hope everyone is doing well, and everthing has settled down since the "Rock" incedent. I sure do miss Annies. Hopefully I'll get up there a couple times this summer and indulge myself in a fine bottle of Jack Daniels, chased promptly by some BA's.
Until then...

- 051503 Michael "Token Minority" Erana -

Travis, update the owner's stool!! Or are you still lamenting the lack of Block Party (which would have been last weekend)? Well, my liver is cheering the lack of said Block Party.

- 5/12/03 Bones -

late 80's early 90's---its all a blur anymore- we are not getting any younger-short term memory fading but have a cranium full of good **** from back then- Ponytail/black T-shirt/camo's--Can you hear me now?

- 04/12/2003 Brian Cross-Ex-bartender/bouncer - imighttellyoulater@ifiremember

Am I tripping or what? Dig back into the vault and pull out some old shit- Remember me? Post a message and let me no- good/bad/and of course- UGLY!

- 04/12/2003 Brian Cross (ponytail guy) - Imighttellyoulater@ifiremember


I LOVE YOUR BAR!!! Oh yeah, and YOU too!!

- 1-29-03 T C McRat -

Great party Trav, once again I had a blast. Thanks for everything.

- 01/0503 DA's token minority -


Congrats for the Jets beating Green Bay and knocking the World Champion Patriots out of the playoffs :-(

I guess last year WAS a fluke!


- 12/30/02 Phelps -

Hey Guys... Hope these holidays are treating you well, can't wait to get back to Saratoga and see you all soon! Have a safe New Years!

- 12/27.02 Catherine

Gobble Gobble Gobble

- 11/28/02 Happy -

no pabst blue ribbon at da's?

- 11/25/2002 john lanzara - johnny pabst 62@aol .com

Greetings and best witches!
Happy Halloween to one and all, from everyone here at D. A.'s.

A frighteningly bad Halloween pun...
What's the ratio between a Jack-o-lantern's circumference, and it's diameter?

Pumpkin pi

- 10/31/02 Travis -

who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

thank you kindly dear sir. we will be home soon and when you get the chance, there are about three really good reasons to come to boston. four if you count spike's hotdogs.

- 10*8*02 Ian "swampmaster" Merritt -

hi big brother. Love the new pics on the site! Mia's starting to stand on her own...til she realizes she standing and then falls on her butt. she misses you. she told me. see you soon. Love, Lu

- sept. 9 Travis' sis -

Hey Travis!!! Just wanted to know if you were by any chance gonna be in strong island this week...The Project (the band i manage) has a HUGE show coming up on Thursday 9/5 at The Downtown in Farmingdale...Call me and lemme know if you'll be around...

Some shameless Promoting...
All of y'all who are Desperate for Annies and are in the NYC area should check out The Project opening for Deep Banana Blackout on Thursday Sept 5th, at The Dwontown in for more info!!

anywho, Travis, Rock, Johnny, beefy etc. I wuv you guys and miss you all!!! I'll be up to toga soon to say Hewwo in person!!!


- 8/31/02 The Big A --ALYSSA!!! -

Sadly this website is easing my homesickness for DAs. I know there's a lot of bitching about updating the pictures, but I'll add my voice to the collective whine anyway. I know you love you Skidmore girls, but you need some pics of the regulars and the summer crew as well. I'd like to see Johnny Lanz and Skip. Hell, you always need a shot of Beef - bless his annoying soul - and Rock (excuse my flagrant personal bias). Wouldn't hurt if you put me in too ; ).

- 7/28/02 Christina -

lokking forward to spending another night or two at the coolest upper N.Y. state bar again this racing season-to all Annie bar patrons-look out for Aug.7th-drinks are on the Canadian boys.

- 07/24/02 darren cudmore -

Just thought I'd add something for no apparent reason.

- 7/16/02 Travis -

new pictures please......

(I know you've got a good out of town shot too, damnit......)

- Today Skippy Peanuts -

Just sending advance warning of my return to the States. As soon as I re-learn to drive on the right and look left before crossing the street it'll be safe for me to travel. I'll be pointing my car north and dropping into DAs within the next two weeks to drink all of the American beer I can handle (about two pints as Rock can tell you). I can't wait to get back! See you soon.

- 4/24/02 Christina -

1 liver. Last seen in DA's near payphone. If found, please return to owner.

- 04-16-02 MF -

I don't remember the pictures being taken but I was there for them....that's never happened at D.A's before....especially to me.......
Travis. Much love....we'll see you soon eh? Besides, can't stay away too long....I get the shakes!!!!!!!!!


DA's Craving is much stronger than Cigarettes.....

- 3-12-02 Ian -

are old aunts allowed to enter

- 2/23/02 aunt carol -

Hi T, Just saw the cute picture of your cute niece. I thought you triple I.D. all those girls before they can get in ! See ya soon on the beach...PAPA T

- 2/21/02 Papa " T " -


So... who ya rooting for in the Super
Bowl, Big Guy? I'm so sad the Jets
didn't make it!


- 1/30/02 Phelps -

Just wanted to thank you, Travis, for a wonderful New Year's Eve. Yeah, it was crowded but it was still well worth it to be in 'Toga with the DA's crew. I can't tell you how much I love your bar. Since I came home for winter break I've been hanging out at the stuffy DC bars (mostly restaurants that happen to own a bottle of vodka), and nothing could ever compare to my favorite place on Caroline. I'll miss DA's and more importantly the people there while I'm studying in London this term. Can't wait until I return in May. Get those new pics posted soon so I can stay entertained while I'm abroad. Much love to you, the entire staff, and the regulars.

- 1/5/02 Christina -

You all should not of gone and taken Mr. Travis' stuff. Now we gonna have to get a blow torch and a couple of gobstoppers and get medieval on yo' ass...

- 1/2/02 JoJo -One Bad Ass Oompah Loompah -

Hello all,
I will be updating this site very soon (just as soon as I get New Year's Eve photos back), but wanted to say a few words first...
First off, I apologize for inviting too many people. My fault, and although you were all welcome, it WAS too crowded, and next year will be different. Thanks to the 99% of you who were very well behaved, and respectful of the bar. I hope you had a great time. It was my pleasure to have you there. the other 1%...
To the girl (who will remain nameless, although you were pointed out to me, and I know who you are) that took the bottles of liquor out the back door...Although I don't particularly consider it stealing since it WAS an open bar, I think you ought to seek some type of profesional help for both your kleptomania, as well as your alcoholism, and I would be thrilled if you never enter the bar again.
To the person who "stole" my personal camera (not the 1 disposable camera that says, "Property of DA's" on it, that's also missing), I will assume that it was taken mistakenly, and if you return it, I will buy you a drink, and we can laugh about it.

That's about it, keep posted for an overall update soon.
Once again, I hope you all had a great time, and a happy, safe, healthy, and peaceful new year to you all.

- 1/2/02 Travis -

You Rock, T!

Thanks yet again. Another Superb Show.

Slept until 2:00 p.m.........


- 1/2/02 MikeC - nope@notachance

Oh yeah, one more comment Travis. Thank you.

- 1/1/02 Bob -

Last night was insane. Completely insane.

- 1/1/02 Bob -

T H A N K Y O U, Mr. Travis...

for another generous and joyous New Years Eve bacchanalia! It's always an honor to receive an invitation.

- 1/1/02 Mike -

Dear Travis-
I am just writing to let you know that despite my desperate longing to be at annie's to ring in the new year, I'm going to stay in Boston this year. However, I wanted to let you know that I will absolutely be there in spirit and I want to wish you and Rock and the D.A.'s crew the happiest and healtiest (albeit drunken) new year. I miss you and I'll be visiting again soon enough!
How's the apartment hunting going?

- 12/30/01 Jill -

Just checkin' in !

- 12/29/2001 Sgt. J U I C E

Twas a few days before Christmas,
And all through Boston, no t a soul was sturring,
Not even the fucking crew that is coming to take back DA's for New Years......
I would like ot puit out a very public hello to anyone who is making it up to Desperates for NYE. The Clinton Street Posse will be in full force and I want anyone who knows us (Ashley, Gareth) to get in touch with those you love before we arrive. To the boys at the bar.. God Bless....... We miss you and we'll be their soon in full drinking regalia for the Night is young, but not as young as the Skidmore Class of 2000.....We will be back!!!! Travis, see you soon. The kids will all agree, the shots are always free.........


- 12/17/01 Swampthing -

I was thinking of you, my Saratoga Locals friends, today as I pored over the Dryer tour list. I miss everybody!
If anyone who knows/remembers me reads this page, drop me a line! I'll be in town for one day next week...
Peace! Jen, Hartford, CT

- 12.12.01 Jen Crookes -

In regards to the previous submission, I would like it to be known that I am now the proud uncle of Mia Ashley Kreiss. Born 11/10/01, 8lbs 2oz of cuteness. Congratulations to my sister Lori, and her husband, the new daddy, Gil. I love all 3 of you.

- 11/11/01 Travis -

hello to all the DA barflies, did you know your favorite bar owner is about to become an uncle?! Ok so it's a few weeks shy of the big day, but I thought you might like the opportunity to give him a good ribbing about it. It would be such good payback after all the years of teasing he put his little sister through. Travis an uncle? What's this world coming to????

- 10/22/01 LORI -

Hello to all,

Hope all is well. Lost some friends at the World Trade Center, but immediate family is all fine. Otherwise, things are pretty good. Please tell Rock I haven't forgot about him. Still planning on making the New Year's Eve soiree. Bye for now. God Bless America & DA's TOO!!!

Sssskip Layton

- 9-29-01 Skip Layton - or NYRACCTV@ya

If I may speak for the our staff, let us know if we can help anybody.

The Annies Crew.

- 9/13/01

To all my friends in the New York City area:
Please let me know if you are okay in light of today's terrorist activities. If any person has any news, and I pray happy news, please let me, as well as everyone who reads this know. I will post and pass along every bit Of news I receive. Thanks, and I hope you, and all your loved ones, are safe, and healthy.

- 9/11/01 Travis -

For those of you that may only have this page bookmarked, I just updated much of the website.

- 9/10/01 Travis - Use "Contact Us"

I want the world to know that Bob Carlton(me) is a huge Red Sox fan!!!!! I also love spending my hard earned money at Desperate Annies!!!!! Support local music!

- 8-13-01 Bob Carlton -

Thank you Michie, and if any of you were in labor, I would kick you right out!
Travis <>
- Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 22:30:29 (EDT)

HAPPY BELATED B-DAY Travis. It was yesterday, right? Anywho -- was sorry to miss re-union and seeing you. I was a little busy -- what with being in labor and all. Though being in labor at Desperates might have been a thrill -- Just curious -- would you kick me or Jane or Barb out of your house? Love, Mich
Michie <>
- Tuesday, July 17, 2001 at 18:13:08 (EDT)
I sure wish I was hanging out at Desperate Annie's instead of being stuck in Washington, D.C. listening to all those stupid public policy debates. In the mean time, I will be working to get federal intervention for Mr. Travis on that important bagel issue. Keep up the good work you fine Americans.
US Senator Paul Strauss (DC) <>
- Tuesday, July 03, 2001 at 10:32:52 (EDT)

- June 08,01 - The pearl is in the river.

- 6/6/01 Becca & Eric ( - TARV, We are having D.A.'s-withdrawl!!!! We miss you terrible-like! My mom's checking out the site with me and she's digging it. You go with your bad self! You've got all the generations covered. I miss you tons. Send my love to the boys.
Love, BeccaBee (and what's-his-name too!!)

- 5/30/01 Throat Warbler Mangrove III (What's the E stand for?) - I smile, bitch.

Travis, the picture was from this past New Year's Eve. Or the one before that, but it was definitely New Year's. Or maybe it was something else.

- 5/23/01 JDG MCRAT ( - Best Place I've Been to In Awhile. :)) Terry Quite fooling around you biatch and get to work..jk..Lisa says Hi and just to let you know i did have fun this weekend

- 5-21-01 T-n-L Mc - Hey DA's crew. We're ready for a nice long summer of fun. R U?!? Travis, can't wait to see your smiling face, you too Mike C (If you smile, that is! :-)) Jacob - You REALLY shouldn't be reading this. Go study for your English class or something!! Hope you had fun last weekend!! LATERRRR!!!!

- 05/19/01 Kat ( - Yep, ya funny for you and one for you...refreshing, huh?

- 05/19/2001 Sparky ( - Yay!!! Twins????????

- 05/19/01 Kat ( - Hey Sparky...wanna buy a girl a beer???

- 05/19/2001 Bill Cox (Sparky) ( - Travis!!! What the heck is wrong with the Mets!!!????? great site!!!

- 5/17/01 Phelps ( -
It's coming up on 10 years since I met
my future wife at D.A.s. And THAT was at
Spodick's fifth year reunion. Oy!

Hasta Lumbego Mr. T.

Mmmmm.... Soylent Green.

- 5-2-01 Ian Merritt ( - Travis, Rock, Beefy, etc.
Once again, my time in Toga Town was well spent and I will see you all in a few weeks when the rest oft he Clinton Street Posse finally graduates (well there are actually a few stragglers). And once again, you have enlightened my soul, empowered my will, shined on my mind, and thouroughly killed my liver. And to this, I am grateful!!
See you in three!


- 4/19/01 the child of Sir Bubbles ( - easily, but I bet he can't burn soup!

- 4/18/01 Sir Bubbles ( - Can Clint Eastwood possibly be cooler than I am?

- 4/17/01 - Lucky cow!!!

- 4-17-01 - The Cow is coming!!!!

- 4/16/01 Travis ( - It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. Just wanted to say that Ice is indeed a rock star, albeit a redundant one.
There are also, finally, new pictures up in both the "Pictures", and "Have A Seat" sections.

By the way, the above e-mail address will actually work

- oops Ice ( - I'm a rock star who accidently posts things twice. Yay!

- 4/16/01 Ice ( - I'm a rock star who hangs out with giant cigars. Yay!

- 4/16/01 Ice ( - I'm a rock star who hangs out with giant cigars. Yay!

- 2-2-01 Bob - ATTN: David
I happen to know the girl on the have a seat page. Not only do I know her, I happen to be married to her. HAHAHA...TOO LATE FOR YOU.

- 3-28-01 David Stanton ( - I found your bar last summer when I was up for the track and I fell in love with it. I can't wait to come back up for the 2001 race season. By the way, if anyone knows the blonde with the bright red sweater on the "have a seat" page. Please tell her that David from NYC would love to meet her. See you in August.
David Stanton

- 3-27-01 joe ( - Minges sent me this link because she wanted me to see her sexy picture, albeit temporary. Cheers

- 3-20-01 Alyssa ( - I'm terribly bored at work and i figured i may as well take a little visit to the greatest watering hole on this side of the Atlantic.
Just want say hello to everyone....
I miss DA's i really really really do, i cant seem to find somewhere down here to call home.

later tater tots

ps travis, i'm comin up this weekend...
are you gonna be in town?

- 3-19-01 Michelle ( - I was introduced to your bar a few months ago by one of your regulars and just wanted to say I think it's a really great place. I have had nothing but a good time every time I have been there. Thanks!!! :-)

- 3-14-01 TC McRat (Naaaa) - Travis... I LOVE your bar. Sorry I haven't been able to tell you that in a while. Hope to see you soon!! You too Mikey!!

- 3/13/01 Your little sis ( - Hey bro. I was so bored at work, I thought I'd visit DAs. Hope your trip was a good one. Speak to ya. Love, Lu

- 3/11/01 Amy from Oregon ( - love the pics and miss you much. hopefully i will fly by soon. And Rock, I expect a big fat hug and beer. Where is DA's when I need her?

- 3/9/01 your (mom@thehouseof - damnit....

somebody tell her.

- 03/09/01 Laurie ( - Has it really been 10? Sure I have visited since but it is not the same.
Sue B., Sue D., Melissa, Brian, Travis, John, Rock, I miss you all.
I really have to come visit Before Block Party. I hope Seven Bridges Road is still on the Jukebox!
See you soon.

- 3/6/01 short and pissed ( - 25 MILLION VISITORS!!


huh? What..? Oh.

Sorry. It must be the snow.

- 2/24/01 Amy S - Is that a starched, white table cloth I see behind the cops in the New Year's Eve pictures? What is going on up there?

- 2/20/01 JER - Down for a game of golf, MDT?

- Jan 2001 JB ( - Trav, that New Years Eve party was a stone groove, my man. Thanks again

- 1/ 3/ 01 Bob ( - Travis, my head is still reeling from the New Years Eve bash. Who the fUCK played the hour long Simon and Garfunkle set?

- 01/01/01 Bones + Amber (greatparty@da' - WOW!! That was an awesome New Year's Eve party. Well worth the long hours of travel. Travis, you always aim to please - or so I've heard. Thanks again.

- 12/14/00 Michael ( - Ok, ok where are all the other posts..anyway. I'd like to stop and take the time to wish all those departing students good luck on all their papers..and other crap they have to do for school. I look forward to all of you coming back as well as the new faces with their newly improved I.D's. See you in my office...

- 12/11/00 Michael ( - Hey Trav..I though you were gonna update this..Ah well..See you at work.

- 12/8/00 Visiting Prof JW ( - I can't wait to see the Christmas tree tomorrow night....and who may be sitting by it with holiday cheer!

Travis, your New Year's party sounds cool; sorry I won't have moved back there in time for that, but maybe if you have a St. Patrick's day one.....

- 11/27/00 Anonymous ( - I thought this was a porn site. Imagine my disappointment.

- 11/26/00 e e scumring (moi@ici) - "A Walk in the Bar" (Part One)
Coming to Annie's, always a treat
Whether weather beckons or threatens
Sticky summer or driving sleet
Hike up from Putman
Stumble down from T&L
Pull the handle step up to the well
Sentinel, Proprietor and Porter
Triumvirate on a slab
Give welcome by nod, handshake or stab

- 11-16-00 alyssa AGAIN ("") - i just realized that i am a terrible speller/typer...oh well

- nov 16,200 alyssa ( - travis i am not a liar i'm just a little bit slow when it comes to getting motivated....
anyway i just wanna tell everyone at my favorite place in the world to say "hi" to mickey mouse for me....and to tell everyone at my second favorite plave in the world that i miss them terribly, to quote Ian i really am "desperate for annies"...granted i dont think thursdays will be the same without me, so maybe annies is a lettle desperate for me too :) (a girl can dream cant she)...well i should get back to work now...I MISS YOU DA's!!!!!!!

- 11/14/00 Travis (hit the "contact us" link) - Hey Browning! You ever hear of a telephone? You think I read this everyday? Next time call, and you know nobody is there before 10pm.
As to Bob's question...I update it about once a month, and the dates that it gets updated are on the main menu picture. Now everbody...Leave me alone!

- nov.14 SUSAN B ( - everything is a suprise with the sus-brad!!! anyways, i am deeply sad to report that i did make an appearance at our beloved bar, only to find just a few familiar faces....bad luck i suppose but don't worry my dears, the next suprise will not be too far away...

- 011/14/00 brad (workin' - nothing is a surprise with susan browning.

oh yeah, hi guys.

- 11/13/00 bob ( - Travis, when was the last time you updated the web site?

- 11/13/00 Bob ( - Mmmmmmmmmm......Vodka teas.

- 11/12/00 J.B. ... the Sundog one (Ya all know it) - What do the people in Florida do not understand in an arrow ----> Duh
P.S. Hillary, just go away!

- 11-12-00 Sky-Less Tea (noSky4u@DA's) - Ummm... Where's the Sky for the Sky and Teas?


- 11/11/00 SUE-TANG (minus one) ( - Word to the wise....travis, lena, christina, nicole, liz...and all other booze hounds. be at da's this sunday night. i have a suprise for you.....

- 11/8/00 Travis ( - Ha ha, I'm signing this from a computer in Case Center. Zoinks, I feel like a ghost!

- 10/29/00 Bob and Amy Carlton ( - Travis,
Amy and I have a bat flying around our apartment, do you think you could get your ass over here and get rid of it....there's a free lunch in it for you.

- 10/29/00 Obsquatch (Friginhuge@CSP.homeless) - Twas two nights before holloween and down caroline st,
Sit all my college drinkin' buddies as stone drunk as concrete.
All ID's have been checked over and all beers filled with care,
'cause without a doubt, Rock is still working there.
Ian's making noise and Brad has fallen down,
And I'm sure Travis is wondering when they'll get out of town, (for good this time)
Hahn is boasting 'bout her pirate/barbie regime,
while someone is pukeing behind the pinball machine,
Beefy just won the DA fooseball champion cup,
but Travis gives him a mop and says, "Beefy, clean it up."
Lena and Anna are running the pool tables,
and the mens bathroom smells like some elephant stables.
With GnR on the jukebox and ciggerettes smoked by the pack,
I wish I was there with a budweiser and Jack.
All patrons are happy, their drinks full to the brim.
Because DA's a place where we know we are all kin (even the art fags)

I miss ya'll

- 0/24/2000 Wayne "The Wizard of Odd" Brown ( - Howdy Travis! Been a long time! My sister and I stopped by a few weeks back to chat with John & Rock. I enjoyed the nostalgia. You've got quite a site here. I copped your "TopLady" for a "DA's" banner on my site. Hope you don't mind. Place looks good. Visit my page if you get the chance. Be Seeing You!

- 10-17-00 TC McRat (naa@awwww) - Hey Travis!!! The floor looks GREAT!!! Walked by last night and was scared to read what was on the paper taped to the window. But as it turns out you were just making your place a little nicer for everyone!! Can't wait to smell the new polyurethane!! See y'all soon!!

Terry 'n Lisa Mc

- 10?9?00 A pirate ( - hi mr. travis. I hope your new t-shirt is keeping you warm. I have some very interesting pictures from the hahn holiday .... yes sir. you will be proud!
ps thanks for giving us the pixies. rock-n-roll
xoxo anna

- 10/04/00 Jennifer ( - I'll be making an appearance in Saratoga this weekend to see all of you, my parents, and the "foliage". Does anyone visit this page who cares about me? You know where to find me!
Love, JC (Hartford, CT)

- 10:03:00 Lena ( ) - well i'll be damned, this is a cool site Trav!
This is my first visit surprisingly enough so I never saw thouse incriminating
pictures of my debauchery. thanks for making fun of my shirt.
most likely i'll see you all very soon.
love lena

- 10.2.00 capt. hahn ( - debauchery is right. ayeeee. brilliant time was had and i owe much of the thanks to travis. he's a pirate too you just can't tell from his portrayal of my party, but i know different.
so thanks a lot.
thanks also to the whole gang for coming. it was way fun.

ps.feel better rock.

- 10/1/00 Ice ( - Yo.
My name is Ice and I'm the man
I be rockin' it up from here to Japan
And thet's the way I go
I just flow!

- 29/9/00 claire ( - hi trav and everyone! scotland rocks and i'm having a blast! i'll send you a postcard when i actually have some money. (i showed seagull where my pic. was)

miss you all!


- 240900 Seagull ( - A girl called claire, who is now in Edinburgh, Scotland, told me she had her picture on this web site! I can't find you claire!!
See ya! seagull

- 9/23/00 Jill ( - Travis- not only did you not come out for my last night in saratoga (sniff, sniff), but you didn't even put up the pics that I GAVE you, which i still want back by the way, AND i was supposed to get a da's tee-shirt.
Jesus, when i come to visit, you're in BIG trouble... and watch out, i'm huge and really, really mean. grrr.
well, i'm sure you're just busy. *sigh* anyway, i miss d.a.'s terribly. bars anywhere else are just not the same. i'm spoiled for life.
say hi to rock for me!

- 9/7/00 SPincher ( - DA's with a website. I think its a sign of the apocolypse. Haven't been around in a while. Congratulations Corrigan!
Future congrats to TJ's impending child as well as Rick's new addition. Maybe I'll see y'all soon. Travis, nice stool.

- 9-7-00 TC McRat (Nawww) - Dear DA's,
I regret to say that I haven't seen you guys in a while. I promise that the wife and I will be returning to your fine establishment soon. We miss you guys!! MIKE CORRIGAN... WE MISS YOU TOO!! SEE YOU GUYS THIS WEEKEND!!!

Terry and Lisa

- 8/23/00 TRAVIS ( - Now, now, Uncie Travis loves you little guys, but he's kind of a busy guy this time of year. Hey, when you guys turn 21 you can come visit me! Until then, your dad says it would be a really fun game if you hide fish all through the house and make him find them.

- 8/19/00 Neglected Children ( - Dear Uncie Travis,
We hate you. You never visit. We would rather lick hot tar than see you.
Why do you hate kids?? What did we ever do to you. Thanks for not stopping by on your way back from Canada for THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW.
I spit on your grave (someday).

- 8/19/00 Spodick ( - Travis!!
Thought you would be delighted to hear that Phelps came up to my NH house and puked. The gift that keeps on giving....Phelps vomit.

- 8-18 Charlie M ( - Hey! SOMEBODY PLEASE tune in to Travis on Thursdays at WSPN 91.1, will ya? The guy's a born natural...oh yeah, Welcome back Mr. Corrigan!

- 8-16-00 MikeC (please, not this again) - hey.......

- 8/16 Travis' little sister, Lori ( - I figured I'd say hi to you this way since those damn ponies keep you so busy (I meant the horses, not your clientele). Hope you're good, see ya next week. Oh yeah, my friend John Fischer might stop by this week. Play nice! Love, LU
P.S I gotta get back to work

- 8/13/00 brad ( - i just visited the site for the first time today, and i must admit that i got a little misty... anyway, i've found myself chanting "there's no place like d.a.'s... there's no place like d.a.'s..." lately. anyway, i'll be in town soon and i'll drop by.

- 080400 sharon - There's no place like home there's no place like home
OK it isn't MY home, but it always FEELS like it is-
Missing DAs- Congrats to Mr and MRS..!! Corrigan.

- 7-31-00 MikeC ( - Still here for two more Guinness'sss, home soon.... Love to all. Leaving for London tomorrow morning. And yes, I know you all don't care.

Happy Birthday Late to Travis and TMcC.

Thanks T-Bone!! Thanks for covering my shifts boys, one more week to go!

- 7-24-00 Terry Mc (no th@nks) - Dear DA's,
Thank you for yet ANOTHER wonderful B-Day at my favorite watering hole!! Travis, thank you for calling and getting my CANDY ASS back out and back down to your bar!! I of course had a GREAT time!! See Y'all soon!!

- 07/21/2000 Sgt-Juice ( - DA's is Officially the 2nd Precinct for SSPD

- 7/21/00 T (ifyouknowme@youhaveit) - WAS the 16th, but sshhh, don't tell anyone. Thanks just the same Michy.

- 7/18/00 Michie ( - Okay so my date of entry says July 18th because I believe that is TRAVIS's B-DAY... and if not I've really embarrassed myself on this here wall. But of course today is really 7/19 so either way I #$@*% up! Hope you had a good one -- whenever the hell it is!

- 6/16 Jill Stutzbach ( - dear travis and rock and all of da's... i missed you in hawaii, although i had a lot of tropical drinks in your honor.
nice pics... see you tomorrow!

- bastille a hahn ( - i don't know whether it's cool or not that i feel like this page is like my photo album. i go to see my mug and stumble on so many familiar ones.
"hey- look it's the clinton street posse. ooh i put those flowers in lena's hair. hey it's ian and brad on their trip..."
this place is dangerous.

susanbrowning - only been a week and i miss da's...

- 07-05-00 ( - Warning...warning!!!! 5 days until Flanagan & A'Hearn the Amstel distributor and triple the order!

- 7/6/00 Becca (don' - Travis & Rock-
Thanks so much for helping Eric and me celebrate our big news right! It was a wonderful far as I can remember... Barb sends her love too!
You guys are the best!

- 7-5-00 TC McRat (Ummmmm@ahh) - I MADE IT TO THE PICTURE PAGE!!! WOOO HOOO!!! THANKS TRAVIS!!! The Wife thanks you too!! OK, October 1st is saved, now what?

- 6/29/2000 Yuk ( - watermelon, watermelon, sis, boom bah...oops, need to control those flashbacks--too many trips on Space Mtn.

- 6-28-00 TC McRat (no th@nks) - Hey there DA's!!!! I miss your bar Travis!! Could you tell me the winning Lotto numbers so I can sign the ticket over to you and move in?!? That ought to satiate my need for DA's!! See you on Friday (I hope!!)

- tues. june erin and the trentster (only people that don't own one!!) - Travis , Rock-n-Roll, and Mac-n-cheese thanks for all the great times in your joint.great party Mac! love you boys.

- 6/12/00 donna vazquez ( - it's the end of the night - or should have been - amy sundback, me and someone else ( i can't remember who) pooled ALL our money and asked Rock if we could buy half a shot. Rock bought us each a shot. No wonder we thought he as the greatest!!

- 6/8/2000 Phelps ( - Rock,
What the hell happened to your face?

- 6/5/00 Jessica Wahman ( - Well, now I've seen everything, and what an opportune time this is! I missed DA's so much these past few years, and I hated to leave town yesterday, but now I can stop by more often! Just keep me up to date on the gossip (I need yet another reason to procrastinate)!

- Bullseye! EssMan (YourN@mehere) - ...And now, a dart that will live in infamy.

- 6-1-00 KILLBABYSEALS ( - I slept with Travis at Disney World. Why is my hand between these two pillows?

EssMan (evenclevererphr@se) - Eh, at least the date will ive in infamy...

- 12/7/41 EssMan (yourcleverphr@sehere) - Hello.
I was here.
I like the site.

- 5-31-00 TCM - You're right, sorry Travis. :-(

Can we e-mail you pictures taken inside your bar?

- 5/30/00 Travis (use "contact us") - Mike, Terry, I love you guys, but if you guys have issues, use the damn phone. This is a guestbook, you know "hello I was here, like the site" etc. This isn't a forum for you guys to be catty little- to use your terms- biatches! Thanks, The management.

- 5-30-00 MikeC (cmon@please?) - Yeah, Bones. You were a big boozer. Hello? Amber could smoke your ass, skirt boy. And McCart, pucker up again bitch. You get limes next time, and only one straw. ;-)

- 5-30-00 TC McRat (Drinkin'@DA's) - Yo Mike C, I do sincerely LOVE Travis's bar and "some" of it's bartenders!! Therefore I don't see it as ass kissing, merely verbal appreciation of a fine establishment!! Now make me 2 more Teas, biatch!! :-P

- 05/30/2000 Bones (drankalot@DA's) - ...if the walls could talk, I'd be under indictment. Say 'hi' to my liver if you see it under one of the booths.

- 5/26 MikeC (gosoak@yourhead) - Hey McCart-
Stop kissin' ass for those cheap Teas, biatch. ;-)

- 5-25-00 T. McCart (Not@chance) - Did anyone else get to see Travis in his Tux last weekend? Damn, Travis... you loooked maavelous!!

Love your site!! Although I'd like to hear more from the owner's stool!! It's kind of like listening to you on one of your friendly (not hectec) nights!!

- 5.23.00 Jenn #2 ( - Greetings from Jenn #2 chronilogically, but really #1 is Travis' heart... HA! California is spiffy but there ain't no place like DA's. As for Travis' stool... I thought I had seen all his bodily functions in action... hmmm...

EssMan (guessm@n) - Er, I think I know a little too much aboout the kid watching Scooby Doo...

- 5-23-00 lindsey pope ( - hey baby!
love the druken pictures- nothing has changed- hugh (will it ever?)

- 5/23/00 zoidis ( - My four year old son is on the couch watching Scoobie Doo with one hand down the front of his pants and the other holding a sippy cup. With the D.A.'s site up I feel like I'm in the bar with Baum, Travis or Spodick...take your pick.

- 5-22-00 Gerri O ( - Toooooo much- you'ze all crazy. Where are the limericks? HMMM

- 5/22/00 Ian Merritt ( - Travis, since the day I turned 21, your bar has fed my vices, quenched my thirst, and been the hub of my social wheel. Thank you very much and I'll see when I'm back in town. Rock, don't fall, Beefy be good, and John keep pouring them right!!!


- 5/21/00 Bill ( - I will be spending 3 weeks in Saratoga Springs starting the 30th. I have been told that this is the best bar in town by JCROOKES, please save me a stool and get ready to open another with all the money I will be spending there.

- 5/18/00 Covello ( - Wow, the ladies room finally has toilet paper and all those rude comments Zoidis wrote about Baum have been cleaned off the wall. What an improvement.


- 5/18/00 auntie poo ( - hi from your favorite auntie poo

- 05/17/00 Jen ( - D.A.'s always was the fastest way to keep in touch with the Saratoga elite... I hope all my friends see my e-mail address and send me hot gossip. Save me a Fat Bear Stout, I'm visiting in June! Love, JC

- 5/15/00 Dipsy ( - Eh-o!

- 5/12/00 Spodick ( - I am highly disappointed with the stool picture. I really expected this web site to reflect the true spirit of the bar including up-dates on Rock's gout, people Johnny hates and perhaps a police report. Congrats on entering the 20th century (in the 21st century).

- 5/12/2000 Doug ( - Oh, to be young again...

- 5-10-00 TC McRat (IcantbelieveI@lreadygaveittoyou) - Have I told you yet today that I LOVE your bar?!? :-)

Bring on the SKY!!(Not SkyCitrus though)
Ever thought of running a Sky (I mean vodka) and Loganberry night? Just wondering!!

- 5-10-00 Terry and Lisa McCart ( - Travis!!! Here's a cyber "POOF" for ya!
Have I sent you an e-mail telling you I LOVE THIS SITE yet?!? See ya soon!

- 5/9/00 BOOG - Dear Travis,
We go back a long way. I never could have imagined you'd become such a web-savvy pioneer, given our mutually slothful beginnings! The site is cool, and so are you. love, BOOG

- 5/9/00 ( - your bar is cool..but i really love to come there for the cute redheaded musician that hangs there!

- 5/8/00 Schreiber ( - Knobb and Becca. Drunk Sunday afternoon...Kinda crisis/very A Team. Big Jed and I will be up in a couple weeks, so prepare for a SERIOUS A Team performance. I will light Jed on fire and he will piss all over himself to extinguish the flames. God bless.

- 5-8-00 Schreiber ( - I've missed you guys. Last time I destroyed Kaplicki at the fuzeball table. Yeah.

- 5/8/00 richard Travis (bart4339@aol,com) - Yes I'm Travis, dad...Congrads. on a beautiful Page. I Love it. Have a beer on me....See ya soon

- 5-8-00 MikeC (Yeah@right) - I kick ass.

- 5/7/00 Becca & Knobb - Get the beer ready, we're on our way. It's noon on Sunday which means we're late to start drinking!

- 5/6/00 Jenn and Anita (noway@youcreeps) - Hi Travis!!

We Love this website, especially if you give free beers to people who sign the guestbook!

- ? sue-tang - Travis, site looks great and now i can go to
DA's even when i am in the lib! YAHOO!!!!...
i'll see you later...HEY, where's the tongue???

- May 6,2000 J. B. - Damnitalltohell ! Travis, I think you know the seat you call the "Owner's" is mine... we'll see about this.

- 5/5/00 Travis (ifyou're@thissiteclickcontactus) - O.K. folks- This site now has over 200 hits, and just over 20 guestbook submissions. 10% stinks! Don't be shy. Have some intestinal fortitude and sign the damn thing! You're here reading it now, so why not?
P.S. Any future solicitations will either be deleted or re-worded into something that will embarrass you.

- 5/4/2000 Badger ( - Ah sweet sweet D.A.'s...don't forget Nob, you owe me a mind eraser. And a new sweater.

PS -- go to Spa City Comics and buy Sweet Corn and Candy #3. thank you.

- 5-4-00 Charlie M ( - Whadda you mean you're out of Tullamore Dew ?!!!

- 05/03/00 Knobb - I'd like a Miller Lite, Rock.

- 5/2/00 Becca ( - Tarv,
The site looks great! I've gotta go now - I'm a little disturbed after seeing your stool!

- today Johnny B (myfriends@know-it) - Hey Rick dude, where are my news updates? whaddayoubusyorsomethin?

Hey Travis's sister, Hi from the gang!

Hey "The Ess Man" Whaaaaasup?... Doohh

I've now posted the longest message to date... not that you could date a message! Muwaaahhhaaaa!
Johnny B

Ess-Man (EssM@n) - See, some people might essume you meant "THE aardvark". I, however, know you just meant "aardvark".

Jennie ( - Aardvark!

MikeC (noway@nohow) - No, silly. I'm thinking the "Ess Man" instead of the "Ass Man" because Travis wanted us to stop freakin' swearing. Goober Videographer. sheesh. Oh yeah, Hi Mom.

BAUM (0u812@shots.huh?) - What am I doin' here?

Lori Kreiss ( - This is Travis' lil sister and you're all freaks!

Johnny B (AckAck@Aaaackk!) - Hey, The Ess Man...... Dooohhh!

Ess-Man (EssM@n) - Not THE Ess-Man. Just Ess-Man. THE Ess-Man would be stupid.

Rick (Fred) ( - New York, Yew Nork, You gotta choose one

MikeC (nope@notachance) - "The Ess Man". Ohmygod. Yer killin' me. ;-) See, now that's funny.

Travis (myfriendsaresoeloquent@politetoo) - Come on folks keep it somewhat clean, please.

Seth (aka Ess-Man) (wed@n'tneednostinkinemail) - Hey Mike's Mom: I was No.2! I was No.2!

MikeC (mind@yourownbusiness) - OK, I'm an idiot. Sorry Travis. Flatow, my mom reads this.

Amy Poo ( - Isn't that MY bar stool Travis?

MikeC ( - Travis said I could say it. so, "It's my birthday, suck my Dick!" I'm 35 today. Thanks.

Flanagan - what memories...puking and sleeping with fat chicks...ahhhh..

flatow - eat me, fuckface

Seth (w@uldn'tyouliketoknow) - I'm No. 2! .... I'm No. 2!

Toxic Jim ( - This web site was officially launched on 4/29/00 at 12:01AM EST. No animals were harmed in the creation of this site. I shall now proceed to DA's to celebrate with Jameson. Over and out.

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